The Globe is great planet to live. As humanity, through the centuries we have been able to adapt to the demands of time in an innovative way. Even now we are faced with challenges that require an appropriate approach.


Much mentioned, but certainly not exhaustive: technology, digitization, climate change, fake news, geopolitical shifts and perpetuating our core values.


Leaders in sports, music, media, politics, healthcare, education, (semi) government and businesses play a crucial role in realizing the requested innovation. They do this in a context that is fundamentally different than before. For example, trust in organization management is at historically low levels, quick wins, (hit and run) are often preferred instead of thinking, sustainability and developing a long term vision. The unlimited amount of information places high demands on co-creation, transparency and privacy.


As Leaders, we face similar challenges and difficulties. It is our obligation to the people we serve to make the right decisions for the benefits of all. This is what unites us. 


SENATUS CONSULTUM (SC)  assist in every possible way to successfully realize the challenges. To this end we developed a invite only society characterized as an House of Leaders, Intellectuals, Spirituals and Experts. We cross-fertilize professional and knowledge areas to realize added value and to anchor results. 


We have become unique in gathering, analysing and maintaining information on Geopolitics and have one of the best overviews of all relationships, dependencies go no go’s, do’s and don’ts. It is our most valued asset as a company whereas anyone in the world is interested in our plans.


We learned that certain assets are seen as geopolitical assets. Meaning it is important that in case such an assets is available for buyers , the seller does not just sell but also takes into account who may/may not buy it in order to prevent wrong impact on geopolitical balance. We are often asked to take an active role to balance sellers and buyers.



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Together limitlessly contribute to a sustainable future for the next generations



A group of thoughtfull people can change the world


Look beyond borders with an open mind


Authentic, durable in time and character



Enriching society and economy by connecting knowledge, skills, experience, networks and create (innovative) solutions



Human and result-oriented as reflected in the way of working (together)


New insights or applications



Focused on implementation next level with structural changes

"The life of the dead is placed in the memory of the living"


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