We look at the world and see how people interact and what the apparent and real motives of people are. We see that beautiful organizations unnecessary dissappear from stage while they could have been protected if organization management had received the right advice at the right time. Many professional organizations have had to take the lead against (hostile) acquisitions, low-wage countries, hedge funds, speculators and stock exchanges, resulting in mass dismissals.


Organizations are blinded by expansion drift at global size. Industries have been squandered on the highest bidder and "market forces" had to deliver a healthy "competitive position".


Fortunately, we still see exceptions that survive and new initiatives that are born from common sense and passion. We notice that people want to act differently, but in one way or another they do not get it done.


We notice that organization management  try to implement changes in an ineffective way, sometimes with intentions that people no longer appreciate or accept. We also see that some directors have become detached from the individuals they were by nature. They sometimes no longer follow their employees; literally and figuratively. What was the added value that they saw before they started? A world that in our eyes at this moment seems only to strive for more and more. "More of what?" We ask ourselves.


We see a world where you will be penalized if you have not performed more than the previous month. A world where we make each other crazy by wanting to do everything faster. A race to realize more. However, we already have a lot of resources and SC make use of this as much as possible.


SC believes that knowledge, expertise , experience and skills are our greatest asset. Not money or goods. SC uniquely combines these to make things possible and realize smart solutions. To this end we maintain a human Society of Leaders in the form of an inspiration and experience carousel. We cross-fertilize professional fields and knowledge areas to improve value and embed results. We offer assistance to people who dare to ask and seize opportunities.